QAS - Keyless Access Controll, Destin, Florida
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QAS - Keyless Access Controll, Destin, Florida
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Key Features

Keyless entry systems are available from multiple sources. However, all keyless locks are NOT the same. With every system we have seen so far, their codes do not expire until you go to the lock and physically change the code. So it is still the same as giving out your key.

Code starts and ends when you say

Can give a code to enter just one time or for any duration

Lock records and identifies person entering

Lock tracks the last 1000 entries

Do not have to go to lock to manually program new codes or purge old ones

Can download the last 1000 entries to an Excel file

Manufactured to Grade 1 commercial lock standards

Built to withstand harsh environments

2 to 3 year AA battery life with a 2- month audible and visual low battery alert

Owner key override can be re-keyed

3 hour fire rating

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