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The following are questions often asked by people considering using the OraCode 660K Keyless Entry Solution. If you don't find an answer to you question here please send us email or fill out the contact form with your question. We will typically respond within one business day.

Hope these Q&A's will help to answer some questions you may have about our Keyless systems.

What does the system consist of?
  The system consists of Kaba Ilco proprietary web based software that manages a lock from a distance and a maintenance unit to initialize and audit the lock.
Why would you use this system?
  By using this system you have the ability to control access securely from a distance. Once you give someone an access code you know 1) they will only have access at the predetermined time, 2) they will not have access at any future time once the stay is over. This allows you peace of mind, the ability to grant access in any format you choose (web, phone or fax) as well as have the ability to audit the lock in case anything disappears. It is cost effective and simple to use. All without re-keying or visiting the door after each stay! When the guests leave they just drive away!
How often do I have to go to the door?
  The only time you visit the door is to program the lock. This is done ONCE! The only time to revisit the lock is to change the batteries (three years from install) and when you want to audit the lock. THAT�S IT!
What type of Internet service guarantees do you offer us?
  The e-Code host server guarantees more than 99% uptime
How does it work?
  When built the lock has no ID, once you program the lock it becomes �live�. It becomes a true standalone access system that understands time, dates and access codes. If the right 6-digit code is entered matching the dates and time then the lock will grant access. There is NO HARDWIRE OR COMMUNICATION between the lock and the web. This lock can be on another continent (once programmed) and it will function as required. With the ID the lock will know an unlimited set of parameters (dates) and the codes that match them. The codes recognized by a lock are unique to that lock. The door next to it has a totally different set of codes.
From how far away can someone manage a unit?
  A unit can be managed from anywhere in the world once the lock is initialized. The date and time must be correct for the location the lock is installed.
If I am on IHO1 site what time does the lock flip at?
  There are 128 different levels that have access to the unit at one time.

RCI = Regular check-in which means that the locks will grant access at 14:00 (2 pm) and after the day the stay will start and refuse access after 11 am the day the stay is set to expire.

= Early check-in which means that the locks will grant access at 13:00 (1 pm) and after the day the stay will start and refuse access after 11 am the day the stay is set to expire.

Guest LT = Guest Long Term where check-in which means that the locks will grant access at 14:00 (1 pm) and after the day the stay will start and refuse access after 11 am the day the stay is set to expire. Take notice that the calendar is bi weekly and codes can be generated from a period of 2 weeks to 62 weeks.

All other levels work on a midnight-to-midnight time frame as we do. The codes generated for all levels (except the ones above) work 24 hrs/day for the duration of the code length.
What are the time frames for the first 4 levels?
  The check-in/check-out for the first 4 levels:
Level Check-in Check-out

Level 0 14:00 noon
Level 1 13:00 noon
Level 2 15:00 13:00
Level 3 midnight midnight
What do BW and D mean?
  When you choose a level to grant access, the level indicates BW, which means the calendar is set on Bi Weekly mode (codes can be generated for a minimum length of 2 weeks to a maximum length of 62 weeks). When the level says D the calendar is set to daily mode and a code can be generated for a length of one day to a maximum of 31 days.
There are lots of cheaper locks, what makes this one worth the money?
  I will narrow it down to the two most important. Firstly, our access codes are time sensitive. Meaning they restrict access to a specific arrival and departure date and time and expire automatically. No one ever has to go back to your lock to remove or manage codes. Other locks may provide time sensitive codes but they have to be visited to make any changes! Their codes will work forever until someone goes back to the lock and physically removes them. Secondly, our access codes can be produced from anywhere you have access to the Internet. All other locks work from software that is installed on your computer.
Can someone code guess at a door?
  The lock is designed to shut down after the 4th incorrect code is entered for 40 seconds. Once the shutdown has passed the next incorrect code will shut the lock down for another 40 seconds.
How many users can use the lock and still be traced?
  You can have 8 or 128 different users entering the lock for any given period of time. Each will have their own traceable code. You can give a code to the guest for a week, the maid a code for the day, the maintenance person a code for the month � . Each code is time specific and linked back to the individual who the code was given to.
How many time frames can be entered into the lock?
  The lock will accept �one shot codes�/level, daily and bi weekly per level.
What is the longest period of time an access code can work for?
  In daily mode the longest code accepted by the system will be 31 days. In Bi-weekly mode the longest code accepted by the system is 62 weeks.
Why a 6-digit code?
  A 6-digit code allows for random guessing to become almost impossible to guess the access numbers. It may seem like a lot of numbers but we have become used to access codes with bank machines, phone numbers, phone codes �.

If the you feel that the random 6 digit code will be difficult for the renter to remember the lock has the ability to allow the guest to �personalize� their code. (I.e.: 1,2,3,4,5,6) Once again this code is time sensitive and traceable to the user.
Can there be a different check-in and checkout time?
  The Oracode system is designed to have variable check-in and checkout to the half hour. The inability to adjust for daylight saving must be factored into the setting of the check-in and checkout times.
Can someone restrict time that a user can have access?
  The Oracode system allows for time frames/level. A housekeeper can have a code that will work for a day, week, month or year between a selected times. i.e. 9 am to 5 pm.
How many audits are recorded in the lock?
  The lock will retain the last 1,000 events that happen in the lock.
How many doors can I put on this system?
  This system can work with one door or as many as 750 units/site with an unlimited number of sites.
How far in advance can a code be given out?
  Codes can be generated today that will grant access years from now at the time and date required, not before.
What happens if a guest forgets their code?
  That's the beauty of the Internet system. The guest calls the number you've provided and you can produce another code for the guest in seconds on the Internet. Some people like to produce an emergency code, on a different level, that is valid for a period of time that suits the individual (e.g. weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). This code is used in the event of an emergency and the guest is re-issued a new code the following day. It all depends on how you choose to use it.
A Unique Time Sensitive Code does it ALL...456223
  The lock operates with time-sensitive access codes that are generated from the web. You simply logon to our password protected website and request a code for a specific arrival and departure date. The 6-digit code is immediately displayed for you to supply to your guest or service person by telephone, fax or email.
Does the code expire automatically?
  The codes are only good for the selected time frame and expire upon the departure date. That means nobody can get into your unit before or after their stay. Guests can sleep soundly knowing that no one else has a key to the unit during their time of stay.
How does the system benefit the owner when dealing with housekeeper, vendor and maintenance man?
  You can produce codes on different levels for all your support staff. You also decide the duration of time the code is good for. Give a code to a maid for 6 days or 4 weeks. It's all up to you. Need to let a plumber in at 2am, now you can do it in your pajamas from hundreds of miles away.
Can you keep track of who is in your unit?
  The lock remembers the date and time of the last 1,000 entries. By using codes instead of keys you have a virtual fingerprint of everyone who enters your place. Each user/level that enters the unit can be traced by going to the door and downloading (auditing the information) from the lock. The lock will tell the palm the exact time the lock was accessed (to the second) and the action performed.
Is there a key override?
  There is a key override in the handle. The physical key should be used for emergency purposes only because there is no way to trace the user of the key. The lock does record that someone has gained access by a mechanical override.
  The lock requires no wiring, no cleaning and is built to stand punishment. It runs on 3 AA batteries. Batteries typically last 3 years. The lock will physically flash red and green indicating low batteries for up to 3 months prior to going dead.
Weather resistant?
  The lock is a totally sealed unit and has no exposed electronics. It is resistant to even the harshest of conditions. From California, Colorado to Florida our system is performing beautifully all over the country.
How is the lock programmed and audited?
  The Maintenance unit (M-unit) is a Palm Handheld�, the communication device between the Web based software application and the lock. The lock is programmed ONCE by the M-unit on installation. Once the lock is programmed there is no need to revisit the lock, except for necessary audits or routine maintenance.
How would a site manage a common suite door with 2 rooms behind it?
  You program the lock to have 2 users (2 guests). Guest one would have his units level copied into the suite lock and common suite door. This would allow his code to open both doors. The same would be done for Guest 2. Granting both guests access to both doors with a separate code.
How does the Oracode 660K adjust to daylight savings time?
  When the lock is programmed it should be set 1 hour in advance for daylight savings time. So 6 months of the year the lock will grant access 1 hour before the intended time and 6 months it will open as scheduled.
What are some of the positives of the Oracode 660K that cannot be measured?
  - No cards or tags to control
- No check in is necessary
- Management of Employee and contractors
- Getting the right access means to vendor
- Managing off site rooms
- Staff & guests spends less time worrying about room access and lost cards or keys and focus on relations
What happens if someone leaves a program with a PMC or changes PMC?
  If someone is on a PMC site and wishes to manage their unit on their own then they have to have the door deleted from the original site and placed on another site. This means that the lock has to be reinitialized with the proper parameters. Once a lock is moved from one site to another the lock has to be reprogrammed.
Can another lock in the same site have an identical code?
  When a lock is initialized the M-unit puts a site id number, a unique unit id number time and date. This information is exclusive to that lock and no other lock will have the same code for the same date and time.
What are some of the benefits of using the Oracode 660K system?
  - 1,000 event audit trail
- Simple to use web based software that can be accesses from anywhere in the world
- Able to program the guests stay in advance and from a distance
- NO need for a check-in counter
- PERFECT for e-commerce
- PMS compatible
- Needs to be programmed just ONCE!
- Ideal for 1 to thousands of doors
- Available ASM, ESM & cylindrical
- Satin Chrome & Satin Brass
- Available in Supreme finish for seaside applications

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