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QAS - Keyless Access Controll, Destin, Florida
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QAS - Access Solutions, E-Code ManagementThe Oracode System is truly unique in that it is based on state-of-the-art, proprietary, computer technology. Our secure "host" computer receives your request to grant access to your rental unit for a specific time and date. The host computer then takes this information and turns it into a six (6) digit access code "smart code" that you provide to your customer or staff. The customer/staff enters the code into the lock and if the time and date is correct the lock will open.

The lock on the rental unit is completely stand-alone, meaning no wiring is required, and can run for up to three years on 4 AA batteries. It is not "hooked" to anything else. The Lock contains a small computer which can interpret the "smart code" entered by your customer, determine if the access code is valid, and open the door. It's that simple and why we say "The Customer is the Key".

QAS and Kaba-Ilco have "packaged" this revolutionary technology into a number of service levels specifically tailored to a range of differing types and sizes of organizations from private homes to property management companies.

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