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Future Trade ShowIn early 2000 QAS co-created the only Keyless Access System purpose built specifically for short term rental property management that combines state-of-the-art access control hardware with secure, Internet generated, time sensitive "smart codes" provide the ultimate rental asset management tool.

There are two main components to our keyless access system, dubbed the "Oracode". A commercial grade lock that combines high security with high style and the "smart code" generating software.

Use any computer that is connected to the Internet to generate "smart codes" that are given, instead of keys, to guests or staff to access the rental property for any time period you desire. When their time is up, the "smart code" expires and they no longer have access. Never worry about missing or lost keys again.

The Oracode System also allows you to assign different time sensitive smart codes for all your support personnel. You can let a maid in for a day or a month. Let the plumber in at 2 AM from anywhere in the world. The system's ability to "remember" when a code was used even allows you to check to see if they really came.

Since the Oracode System does not require any type of physical "key" there is no need to have staff on location to hand out "keys" and nothing for your customer to remember to return when they depart.

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